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Unleash the power of SBS Roofing – a cutting-edge, durable solution for flat and low-slope roofs! Engineered with synthetic rubber and modified bitumen, it guarantees unmatched flexibility and reliability, standing strong against all weather challenges. Our skilled professionals ensure a hassle-free installation, tailored to fit your building’s specific needs, be it commercial, industrial, or residential. With unbeatable warranties and eco-friendly materials, embrace a sustainable roofing future today.

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Overview of SBS Roofing Installation Services

The Science Behind SBS Roofing

SBS roofing is a technology used in the construction industry. This technology is commonly used in flat and low-slope roofs because of its perceived strength and durability. In Canada, there is a significant number of buildings and houses that have used the flat roof structure. In such roofing, quality of the product and installation is critical. This flat roofing technology works by integrating multiple layers of membranes.

The main substances used to make these membranes are fibreglass and modified bitumen.

This bitumen is made from synthetic rubber and asphalt, which makes it flexible and durable.

Bonding SBS roofs

Technicians use self-adhered, cold or heat-based welding mechanisms to install the roof.

Structure of SBS Roofs

Components &

Components of SBS Roofing Systems

SBS roofing comprises of multiple components. These components are necessary for a long lasting roofing system.

The first component is the base sheet. The base sheet includes the lowest level of the system, whose function is to ensure strength. The modified bitumen membrane is the system’s core element. This material offers maximum rigidity and reliability. Synthetic rubber is used to create a reliable and flexible base. The filler is integrated into the mix to create a flexible bitumen structure.

Benefits and Advantages

SBS roofing systems are associated with various benefits. The primary benefit is flexibility. These systems are made from synthetic rubber.

Secondly, the material used is highly reliable, making the system durable. The third benefit is the ease of installation.

The installation process follows a simplistic approach where techniques like hot mopping are used. The fourth benefit is material cost.

SBS flat roofing systems’ material costs between 20%-40% less than other alternatives like TPO or EPDM. However, the system is linked with various weaknesses. The core weakness are the installation risks and cost of insurance.

The torch-on or heat-welding process is done with a live flame thru a propane torch. Another area for improvement is the challenges against environmental sustainability. This system uses asphalt and bitumen, which come from petroleum products.

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Our Expertise in SBS Roofing Installation

The Best SBS Roofers

Years of Experience

Our company has an extensive experience of over 15 years in construction and roofing. During this time, our focus has been on developing products that best match the needs of our customers according to the prevailing legal requirements.

Skilled and Certified Professionals

Our success has been based on the use of professional skills and certified workers. Our workers are certified according to the Roofing Contractors Association of Canada and the Red Seal Certification. These certifications reinforce the skills and competence of our professionals. Our professionals are members of the Calgary and Regional Home Builders Association and the Alberta Roofing Contractors Association. Being members of these associations exposes our professionals to progressive training practices that enhance their knowledge and skills.

The SBS Roofing Installation Process: Step by Step

Site Assessment and Preparations

During the installation process, the first step is preparing the target site. Site preparation involves cleaning the deck and roof by removing unwanted materials.

Cleaning helps to remove debris and foreign materials that would compromise the quality of the roof after installation. Our technicians clean the site using organic materials to remove debris and minimize net emissions and pollution.

Base Layers and Insulation

The second step is to install the first layer of the roof. The first layer is the base comprising of a vapor barrier material.

The goal of this step is to create a protect the roof deck from condensation forming in the cold weather. This layer can be waterproof as well by using peel-and-stick membranes. Then comes the insulation layer. Flat roof insulation can be of 3 types, namely EPS, XPS and Poly-iso rigid insulation. They can be glued or mechanically fastened to the roof-deck.

SBS Membrane Application Techniques

In the next step, technicians use techniques like a torch, heat welding and cold treatment in the application process.

Other techniques used may include self-adhesion and priming of surfaces. The choice of each application technique may depend on the preferences of the technicians and the type of roof in the context. The detailed sections where the roof meets walls, electrical/plumbing tubing and drains are the most important. Our technicians follow the manufacturer’s installation guidelines and roofing industry best practices during every step of the installation.

Finishing Touches and Quality Control

The last step is final touches and checking the quality of the roof. Our technicians are involved in testing for various aspects like water leakage, flexibility and durability.

Testing for the roof’s durability may offer insights into its long-term benefits regardless of climatic and weather changes. The ideal roof should withstand extreme conditions like sun and ice.

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Tailored SBS Roofing Solutions for Different Building Types

Commercial Properties​

In the commercial setting, SBS roofing focuses more on reliability, durability and cost efficiency. Construction companies follow the prevailing building codes and standards defined within the country. In Canada, the commonly used codes are contained in the Provincial and Territorial Roofing Materials and Installation requirements and but not limited to, the snow load regulations. Our company uses high-quality materials to ensure the longevity of the roofs in commercial buildings.

Industrial Facilities

In the industrial setting, the main goal is to create reliable roofing solutions. Industries operate in complex environments that require reliable, durable and efficient roofing structures. Construction technicians and experts use the most appropriate techniques in designing and implementing the associated roofing solutions. We ensure that industrial facilities have the highest quality roofs that guarantee longevity and durability.

Residential Homes

Homes in Canada require strategic roofing solutions to overcome the presenting challenges, like changes in weather conditions. As seen, similar materials and resources are used in the construction process. The installation process guarantees the safety, reliability, efficiency and durability of the roofing solutions implemented.

Long-lasting and Durable SBS Roofing Systems

The Best SBS Roofers

Warranties and Guarantees

Most manufacturers provide warranties and guarantees of between 10 to 30 years. During this duration, defects and issues witnessed are covered by the manufacturer. Since we value our customers, we add three months warranty on top of the manufacturer. The technicians address challenges arising due to installation faults at the firm’s cost.

Post-Installation Support

After the installation process, we offer post-assessment and tests to establish that the roof meets the needs of the consumers. Post-tests are carried out immediately after installation to determine potential weaknesses on the roof. Stress testing may be conducted to determine the roof’s durability when subjected to extreme conditions like heat and cold. In Canada, this test is necessary due to the extreme weather conditions. Our team engages the clients to provide the essential support to ensure the roofing solutions’ safety and reliability.

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Maintenance and Repair Services for SBS Roofing Systems

Regular Inspections

Regular maintenance is a critical step to ensure the longevity of the roof. During maintenance, our teams may perform visual inspections to detect changes in texture or cracks on the roof. Also, the installing teams may clean to remove unwanted material, debris or ice buildup. The team engages the clients in clearing overhead branches and cleaning gutters to prevent water buildup. The sealant is inspected to ensure that the roof is waterproof. Regular inspections are carried out to ensure that the roof serves the customers according to the agreed duration and expectations.

Addressing Common Issues

Some common issues that may need addressing include roof cracking due to temperature variations, the formation of blisters due to poor drainage and water management and poor insulation. These issues are addressed through professional inspections where corrections are made within the required timeline. Also, these modifications are addressed according to the prevailing building codes and standards.


Environmentally Friendly SBS Roofing Options

Energy Efficiency

One goal defining the roof is energy efficiency. The insulation material used is designed strategically to prevent heat from escaping from the inside of the house to the external environment. Also, this material helps to maintain the optimal temperature in the target houses to minimize energy usage. Secondly, these solutions are developed to adapt to the changes occurring in each environment from a climate dimension.

Sustainable Materials

Sustainability is a critical goal that must be achieved through the roofing solutions. The selected solutions are informed by using environmentally friendly materials and minimizing harm. However, most solutions are made from petroleum products like asphalt and bitumen. Regardless, these options have minimal environmental effects and degradation making them efficient and sustainable.

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Experience the convenience of free SBS Roof on-site estimates anywhere in Calgary. Our laser-precise quotes, acquired via satellite, guarantee accurate measurements with no added or lost square footage.

Frequently Asked Questions about SBS Roofing Installation

Between 10 and 30 years.

This solution is commonly used in flat and sloping roofing designs.

Yes, it is highly reliable due to the synthetic rubber material used.

Yes, the material used does not directly ignite. Also, the modifiers used in the bitumen are highly fire-resistant.
Yes, the roof can be modified at a reduced cost. Affordable repairs can be modified according to the client's needs.
Manufacturers provide warranties and guarantees ranging from 10 to 30 years. We offer additional three months warranty to our customers.
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Customer Testimonials: Success Stories from Our Clients


"A fantastic job"

Just wanted to drop a line about the fantastic job the crew at SBS Flat Roofing did on our rubber roof replacement. We were dealing with some pretty gnarly leaks and I tell ya, they came in and fixed ‘er up like new. Not a drip since they finished! The whole process was as smooth as a fresh sheet of ice. From the quote to the final cleanup, these guys were professional, friendly, and efficient. It’s nice to see such high-quality workmanship right here in Calgary. Highly recommend them, eh!” – Mike & Susan, Bridgeland

Mike & Susan, Bridgeland

"We're over the moon with the results"

We recently had an SBS rubber roof repair done on our home in Inglewood, and I’ve got to say, we’re over the moon with the results. The team was prompt, courteous, and very thorough – true Canadian professionalism. They explained everything clearly and made sure we were comfortable every step of the way. Now, we can enjoy our home without worrying about any pesky leaks. A big thumbs up to the crew at SBS Flat Roofing!

Patricia, Inglewood

"A huge shout-out"

Just wanted to give a huge shout-out to the team at SBS Flat Roofing for the stellar job they did on our roof replacement. Our old roof was in rough shape, but these guys came in and turned it all around. They worked hard, eh, even through some typical Calgary weather. Now, we have a quality SBS rubber roof that looks great and keeps us dry. If you’re in need of a roof repair or replacement, don’t hesitate to call SBS Flat Roofing. They’re the best in the business, no doubt about it.

Dave & Karen, Kensington